Multi Agent Cybernetic Development and Research

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Trurls skills and the Lab:


List of computer languages, tools and systems I have worked with in my lifetime:


meccano/erector set/Eitech at 7 years old. First electric motor to use in building things. I had the largest set possible, built things taller than i was out of it that moved and did stuff, cranes vehicles etc.

basic 1.0 -11 years old Chantilly High school, Chantilly Virgina.

fortan 2.0



IBM 390 assembler language

pascal1.0 ( nice language)

lisp ( nice for early AI work)

cobol(horrible should be banned)


CPM op system

Z80 and 8080 assembler languages ( lovely)

visual basic 5.0

microsoft visual studio

borland c development package

unix systems, redhat, suse, debian and arch linux, solaris sparc unix

bash and tsh scripting.

Unix system adminstration, net administration.

collected and disassembled various computer viruses in college to see how they were written, learned the best tricks in assembler this way.



C graphics packages

custom designed DCC system for a model railroad that was computer controlled by a mac computer

Sql, database management. Front end development back end development

Html 3.0

php 2.0


some electronics simulator and layout dont remember the brand

VHDL (very cool)

verilog ( cooler)

perl ( l love this language )

css pages


apache server

mysql database maintenance and set up

intel microcode


E ( horrible anyone who uses this for design verification should be shot or hung)

microchip pic assmbler language ( awesome!)

motorolla assembler languages, various



fortran 6.0


various CAD packages.

Python2.7 ( amazing higher level languages v good for glue stuff, anything that is not speed critucal)


java 6-8( nice system for cluster computer programs that run asymetically on 10-50 computers.)

arduino sketches.

Raspbian, arch linux

cluster design and implmenation

Linux mint 15- current

ubuntu 14 and 16

qucs electronics simulation software

kiCAD pcb layout software

FreeCAD 3d design software (awesome stuff. Easy to learn v functional)

Blender 3d design and animation software

octave mathmatics software

eclipse and emacs IDEs

bluefish web IDE



customized linux raspbian / arch linux cluster operating system( you have to interview me to find out more)


currently developing a custom AI program w strong machine learning and neural network capability that runs on a 20 unit cluster made of raspberry pi computers and simliar, with the above custom op system.


The Lab:


2 3d Printers, an Anet A8 and a CTC A8

HAMAG H312 oscilloscope

multimeters, digital logic probes analysers freq counters etc.

solder station

industrial 2d printer

3 laptops linux mint

5TB storage

10 rasp pis raspbian

5 orange pis various

20+ micro controllers

20k parts lab with everything from stepper motors, servos, DC motors,old meccano sets, baukasten, and the like.