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T&K Multi Agent Cybernetics is dedicated to developing the most intelligent, self mobile, multi agent, general purpose, artificial intelligence systems in the world. our recommended reading list, currently.....

Niander Wallace.... We are coming for you.

News Feed:

23o18 Ok so here is the link to some of trurl's artworks. enjoy.

22o18 we changed the cloud site to individual passwords. the student password no longer works. if you would like a password please email us. this works better with multiple users.

17o18 if you want to use the cloud site please request a user account from the email address at left.

02o18 a lot has been happening on the business backend. nothing def yet but T&K may have found a home planet. more shortly. and more on the projects.

30J18 major Grendel One update coming in a few days. the short story: up and running with 6 raspberry pia, 2 cameras, sound audio input, distributed and cluster computing using Jupyter Notebooks and stand alone

10J18 new version of the grendel white paper is up with better drawings

22m18 here is a link to a paper on a semi formalism for causality modelling in AI I have drafted.

06m18 what the heck here is the link to our open resources

06m18 This is also useful for apprentices.

06m18 considering developing a page or index of resources for constructors. This is a good place to start for beginners.

01m18 cloud is up and running, with a full sql database. also have created a document control system that is totally automated. automation is good.

02a18 SEEKING COLLABORATORS FOR PROJECTS! - -follow the link for more information.

01a18 all the basics are here for the lab. List of gear, tools and capabilities

26m18 3D printers are up and running.

this is one of the coolest videos Ive ever seen. enjoy.

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